Lice Removal Questions & Answers

Q & A


How can I detect head lice after a recent exposure:

It is very hard to detect a new infestation if looking at dry hair. A new infestation usually starts with 1 pregnant adult female louse that enters your hair. This louse is almost invisible to the human eye. Its body is clear until it feeds, then the belly appears dark red, or black in color. When moving the hair to find head lice, they quickly move away to avoid the air and light. Checking a dry head of hair for head lice is very inaccurate, and can give a false negative more often than you would expect. It is best to have a professional check you for a recent exposure, for 100% accuracy and peace of mind. 

How can I prevent my child from getting Lice?  

There are a few things you can do regularly to prevent head lice.  Long hair must be tied up in a bun. A pony tail or a braid is better than leaving hair loose, but is still considered a "LADDER for Lice". Adding hair products, (scented is fine) are great barriers also. Hair spray, gel, argan oil, and coconut oils are all great. {Be careful with tea tree oil, its an anti-fungal and can cause skin irritation if not properly diluted} Any product that smells like lavender, coconut, mint, or citrus are ALL repellent scents, and good lice prevention.

If I am worried about lice should I buy Lice Treatment products from a store?  

We do not recommend any chemical over the counter products as a lice treatment.

They truly don't not work. And are a waste of time & money.

Head lice have become highly resistant to all over the counter and prescription treatments as well.

They contain harmful toxins and chemicals. Studies have shown they can cause allergic reactions, are dangerous for children with asthma, and should not be used on young children.. These products do not kill all the lice bugs and kill NONE of the eggs. Manual removal is the only safe and accurate way. 

If you can not get here right away, please use Olive Oil to stop all itching, biting and spreading. {Please scroll down page to *LICE ADVICE for further instructions}

What does a nit look like?  A nit is a tiny, tear dropped shaped egg attached to the hair shaft. About the size of a pin head. It cannot be blown or flicked off. It can camouflage its color and present as black, brown, grey, clear, yellow, or off white in color. 

Do head Lice Jump?  No they cannot jump or fly. They are wingless and can only crawl. They cannot live for more than 48 hours off of the human host.

Do pets get lice?  No, pets can not get lice.

Head lice cannot be "caught" from pets and cannot survive on pets. They are human parasites and require human blood for survival.

How can you verify successful treatment? First one must define treatment. Someone may be "treated" and still be infested. A complete manual screening to confirm the complete absence of all lice and nits must be done. A visual screening maybe helpful but it is not definitive. The ultimate determination that someone is no longer infested can only be determined when that person is 100% clear of all lice and nits. (This is what we do and we guarantee it 100%).

How can I tell if the nits are dead or alive?  Children, like adults do not want nits in their hair, dead or alive. The time it would take to make the distinction is time far better spent removing ALL the nits. Finding 10 dead nits guarantees nothing for the 11th. This is why our method of removal is the most effective, successful and recommended by pediatricians. 

What is the Life cycle of the head louse?  Head lice can survive on a human host for approximately 32 days. The female louse can lay up to 10 eggs a day. The eggs hatch in 7 -10 days and it takes another 7-10 days for the louse to mature and lay their own eggs.

Can I drown or smother Lice? using  Mayonnaise, Cetaphil, or Oils? Is this how to get rid of lice?  No.

Lice can plug their breathing hole for up to 36 hours. It is very difficult to "smother" them.  And this method does not smother or kill the lice eggs at all, actually it may nourish the shell of the nit and ease its opening.

Does head lice go away on its own? Unfortunately no.

What is Super-Lice? Super lice is the Head lice of today. It is a highly resistant, evolved strain of the bug that is very difficult to kill . With the rise and spread of Super-lice now in 48 states, including NY & CT. The struggle with at home treatments is more difficult than ever.  OTC products, home remedies, and prescription medicines are all failing.  Leaving families frustrated at the money, energy and time they have wasted. 

Do professional hot air devices work?  The best way to eliminate head lice is via combing. Studies have proven that the hot air device is not 100% accurate, can be very hot and uncomfortable, & It can not be used on children 4 and under. It does NOT REMOVE ANY LICE OR NITS, that is done by combing after the blow dryer treatment (usually at an additional cost at a Franchise)



Including all over the counter products, {Rid, Nix, Lice Free, Clear Lice}  

All Topical Prescriptions, {SKLICE, Elimite, Ivermectin, Spinosad, Natroba}

Mayonnaise, Cetaphil,  etc.



House Cleaning


After you leave here lice free, you can clean your home 1X in less than 2 hours and be all done!

We make it very easy, and stress free.

The best way to beat lice is to focus on the head NOT THE HOUSE.

You must do some cleaning, but not as much as you think. 

Lice can only live off the head for 48 hours. 


​​Extreme temperatures kill lice, boiling, freezing, and time off the head (48 hours)

The dryer for 30 minutes on high heat kills lice. 

The washing machine does NOT kill lice unless it has boiling water. 

Items placed in the freezer for 48 hours will also be lice free.

(remember back packs, helmets, head phones, hair brushes, hair ties.)

When the "Someone in your child's class has Lice" letter arrives home, you can place his/her back pack and coat in the dryer for 30 minutes. 

Ask your child to place their jacket inside their backpack at school. Avoid throwing personnel belongings into the pile during an activity. 

Let's begin the house cleaning:

Collect all items that need to be placed in the dryer. 

Strip the beds. Take off the fitted sheet and everything above it.

{fitted sheet, flat sheet, blankets, comforter, pillow, pillow case}'

and any stuffed animals that were on the bed.

Collect all recently worn pajamas,

head towels, bath towels, hats, scarfs, back packs hair ties.

Place all of these items in the dryer on high heat for 30 min.

Vacuum all rugs (vacuum in all directions-up, down, then side to side)

Lice have claws and can hang on.

Vacuum all couches, soft chairs, bean bags, car seats. Vacuum your car.

Vacuum, or lightly mop hard surfaced floors.


Call us today, we will get you in  ASAP, and your whole family will leave lice free!  

 203-702-3379 {TEXT us for fastest response)

All Natural Lice Removal Service 203-702-3379 Brookfield Ct   {aka:   or The Lice Lady of Ct}


Lice Advice


What do I do?

If you discover head lice, but cannot get to our salon immediately for an appointment, do not worry, we have a plan to keep you safe and comfortable.  We advise a a generous application of oil to the head/scalp and hair. Use olive oil, vegetable oil, baby oil, or coconut oil. This will stop all movement, biting, itching and prevent any spreading. Place a towel over the pillow and sleep with it on.  You must  wash hair 3x (using Dawn dish detergent is best) to remove all oil before you arrive here for your treatment.  This is safer and much more effective than any store bought treatment or prescription head lice remedy.

Did you know?

It is very common for head lice to be misdiagnosed.

Checking DRY hair is not an accurate way of detecting head lice and is often misdiagnosed.  A mild case is even more difficult to accurately diagnose by "just looking" in dry hair..

Just "looking and not seeing anything" does not definitively mean you are clear for head lice. 

70% of people with head lice do not itch!

Showing no signs of head lice, (such as itching), does not necessarily mean that person is 100% clear.

Head lice does not go away on its own. 

Having short hair, does not mean you don't have lice.  Short hair can hide nits, and when they hatch, lice will look for the longer hair in the home to re-infest.

Head lice is highly contagious.

Most people have head lice for 2-3 weeks before it is discovered.

All family members (or anyone who lives or works in your home, including dual homes) are required to be checked here, to ensure our guarantee, and to prevent any re-infestation..