Lice Lady of Ct

Helping families since 2012


I quickly became loving known as the Lice Lady of Ct

We educate our families. Dispel all myths. Teach how to prevent lice properly. Our methods and advice are honest and easy to follow, comprehensible and admired by all in our field. Read our GOOGLE reviews as our testimony!  

Why I decided to start this service


When my own daughter was diagnosed with head lice in 2011, I went into complete panic mode. I decided that there should be a place where families could come in and be completely taken care of.  Where I could teach proper detection, prevention and treatment care easily. 1 Visit is all it takes.

Everyone leaves lice free and has all their questions answered.

The kids started lovingly calling me

 The Lice Lady of Ct in 2012.

Using FDA approved medical tools and extensive training and research


Our proven proprietary combing technique, along with FDA approved medical grade equipment has helped thousands of families leave here 100% lice free in 1 visit. WOW what a feeling!

Must read our Reviews!