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You will leave here 100% Lice Free Guaranteed!!  No Stress, a Complete understanding of  the entire process.  We will calm your worries and explain every  question you have in full detail.

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All Natural Lice Removal Service opened in 2012, and has successfully treated thousands of families

in our beautiful Brookfield Ct. Salon. 

​We utilize our proven effective Propitiatory Combing/Removal Technique that exceeds the highest quality of standards in the industry. Our years of proven results and thousands of success stories have made us the 

#1 Premier Head Lice Removal Service in all of Ct and NY. Please Read our reviews and see what our clients say.

Insurance reimbursement

We are not a Franchise , Owner on Premises, offering personal and guaranteed results.

We offer complete peace of mind.

Our Proven effective, Propitiatory combing/removal technique

1 visit you are Lice Free, No Follow up visits necessary

FDA Cleared comb out service rated number 1 by all Local Pediatricians

Safe for ALL AGES 

Lowest prices

Professionally trained, and certified technicians

Beautiful, clean, comfortable, child friendly salon

Same day appointments

Complete privacy, Private parking lot

The absolute best non-toxic, beautifully scented  Prevention products

FREE Ongoing communication and support

FREE  Prevention advice

FREE Complete house cleaning guide

Our impeccable reputation 

Our personal touch, we treat you like family

A list of Pediatricians that have been referring us since 2012

FREE: WIFI, Toys, TV, Snacks, parking

AKA The Lice Lady Of Ct.

Please Call or text us if you need help. 203-702-3379 

All Natural Lice Removal Service
All Natural Lice Removal Service

Customer Reviews

Diana said: Simply AMAZING! I called Renee crying (not kidding). My daughter has curly long hair. I tried to do it myself, but couldn't. I was hurting my daughter and stressing. My daughter had a severe case. Renee did it without any problem, and took us that day I called. She is AMAZING. My daughter felt so much better after Renee took care of her. I put Anonymous but if I ever hear of anyone that finds themselves with lice I will gladly give them Renee's number.

Pam said:  
Renee took us right away when I called and we were there until 1 am! Who does that? She was a lifesaver and calmed my daughter and myself right down. I can't thank you enough for your kindness, compassion and patience! Thank you again.

Anonymous said: 
Renee is a life saver! Completely calmed my nerves and took care of me right away. I came so scared and believing so many myths, but Renee and her service put me at ease! I am so thankful that I found out about this service. Thank you so much for everything, I do not know what I would have done without you, other than go completely insane!

Sara said:   
THANK YOU RENEE! You made this awful thing seem not so awful. You made this, hot mess mom, feel like it was all going to be ok. We are so grateful for the gentle approach and the education. You saved the day and we thank you!!!

anonymous said:   
Great experience! Renee checked all three of my kids and took expert care of the one who had lice. Thank you for helping me be calm in a very stressful situation! Highly recommend.

Virginia said:  
I took my daughter to Renee a week ago after trying to treat lice in my daughters head for 3 weeks. I was at my wits end and was ready to cry when I found Renee! I called Renee at 8:30 in the morning and she saw myself and my daughter an hour later. Turns out we both had nits. Renee calmed me down, got us all cleaned up and gave me a maintenance plan to do at home. Renee made us feel so comfortable and at ease about lice which skeeves everyone out! I also brought Renee to my preschool the very next day and she made time to check 66 heads for me!! Thank you Renee! We are finally lice and stress free! 


More Customer Reviews

Renee is a true professional, and very skilled at what she does. Her expertise is never hampered by her warmth and caring nature. She helped my family on two separate occasions-- over the phone, and at her lab. What I remember most is how accessible she was, how she helped 'talk me down', and most of all, how effective the products are!! We were one of those families that had tried everything else. This is THE definitive solution to the lice problem!  

When I called my pediatrician's office after finding lice in my daughter's hair  All Natural Lice Removal service in Brookfield Ct was the only thing they recommended. It's really nice that we have this option. I have three daughters and myself with very thick and kind of long hair, but Renee got through it no problem. In the follow up combing that I did I didn't see another nit, so it seems like she did a really good job. She helped us feel calm about heading back to face the world. I was nervous because I can't check my own head, so I came back two weeks later for a recheck. But I'm sure Renee realized that I was just really kind of anxious. She was so thoughtful about answering all my questions and helping me feel calm. I would definitely recommend her  

Renee is terrific! Anyone who has gone through this knows what a truly horrible experience this can be and she made it painless. She treated myself, my 8 year old daughter and my 5 year old son. We were there for 4 hours and by the end of it not only were we lice free but we had the tools and knowledge to prevent this from happening again. My kids did not complain once about being there and my daughter stated on the way home what a fun time she had. All and all if you have to go through this hands down All Natural Lice Removal is the way to go. Her clinic is clean, sterile and family friendly. Thanks again Renee!

Renee is the best! She made a VERY stressful situation so much easier to manage. We walked in completely overwhelmed and walked out knowing things would be ok. The products she uses are top notch. Renee takes the time to work with each person -- she was very thorough. Renee is a warm, friendly and professional person who provides a service that is, in my opinion #1. If you think you or anyone in your family has lice please see Renee. She will get rid of those critters and put your mind at ease! 

I have 1 word-----AMAZING!!! From the moment I reached out to Renee, I received a response in 10 minutes. My daughter & I were seen the very next morning. The salon is immaculate, super kid friendly, & very informative. I felt very well educated walking out the door. Renee, you are an angel. What a warm, kind soul you are. Thank you so much for taking such great care of myself & my daughter. We are so grateful. 

We battled for weeks and could not get rid of them! Thanks to Renee this nightmare was over within a few hours. You still have to follow her after-care advice, but she's made it so easy. She gives you lots of good information. Most importantly, her products are all natural --- no chemicals. I read labels. The stuff you buy over the counter didn't work and I worried about using that stuff. You can't get rid of them! Do yourself a favor, if you ever go through a thing like this, call Renee. You'll be glad you did. Her salon is super kid friendly. Mary, her Tech is an angel. The girls go home with a pretty bow in their hair. She has spray for your car. No chemicals! All Natural! It's amazing how Renee makes this a pleasant experience. If you ever get that dreaded notice from school that someone in your kid's class has lice -- beware, it's highly contagious. These bugs are resistant and it's impossible to get rid of them on your own. Thank you Renee and Mary. We could have never done this without you. 

When I got the call from school that my daughter had lice, I panicked. I remembered a friend had told me excellent things about Renee, so I called immediately. She saw us within an hour and my daughter left there lice-free. She gave us perfect instructions about what to do after leaving, so that we left without questions. My daughter felt so comfortable there and Renee was good in dealing with children and all of the questions! She made a scary situation so much easier. Highly recommended! 


A Few More Customer Reviews

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Kerri said:  

Renee, Thank you so much for being available on a Sunday in July to answer our distress call! What I thought would be a traumatic visit turned out to be a very gentle, informative and super stress less visit. The products you use are terrific. Thanks again for supplying all our needs and for your very kind and gentle ways to address an issue no one wants to deal with.

Barb said:  
Renee, you are truly a lifesaver. In addition to treating my daughter and grandchildren in a compassionate, professional, and patient manner, you never got annoyed with my rambunctious two-year old grandson. And although my granddaughter has thick, curly hair, she did not seem to mind any part of the treatment. Finally, we were provided with an amazing amount of information which will be incredibly helpful! Again, we cannot thank you enough for the wonderful way you treated us and for the fact that my daughter's family will literally rest easier tonight. I cannot recommend this service enough!!

Kathy said:   
Renee was a lifesaver! She happened to be with my sister when I called in a panic. I heard great things about her but I don't live in town. We drove from Fairfield to meet Renee. She was exceptional. She made me feel everything was going to be fine. She's a gem! Worth the drive. I am confident in her process. It saves a lot of time, research, not knowing what to do or buying products that don't work. Thanks Renee

Kimberly said:   
Renee was awesome! After trying various over the counter and home remedies that didn't work, we finally found this! The products are amazing and work and Renee is lovely making my daughter feel so at ease. Her salon is homey and inviting with lots of little "goodies" for kids to purchase. Her prices are fair and reasonable. Shen made an unpleasant experience into a pleasant one! My only regret is that we didn't come here first!

Christina said: 
This woman was my savior! I never had any experience with having lice growing up so when I found my 4 year old had it I panicked. The dr office told me to get over the counter stuff and if that didn't work to call and they'd prescribe something stronger...well it was a waste of money and time...that night after treating her I still found them everywhere. I felt hopeless and was panicked and was upset that my poor child had bugs in her hair! The next morning I call the dr office and a woman referred me to Renee. She took us right in I brought my youngest to be checked too and as it turned out the 3 of us had it! Renee is a sweet-heart was great she got us all cleaned up kept reassuring me it would be ok answered all my questions about cleaning and making sure I got rid of them...cartoons were on for my girls and other toys to keep them occupied as we took turns getting combed and treated. I purchased the shampoo, house spray and nit comb. All natural which was also a relief being my kids are 4 and 2. I wish the dr office would have just told me about her first! I highly recommend any who ends up with lice to go straight to her you wont be disappointed. 


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